Domestic Tours Vs International Tours

Domestic Tours Vs International Tours

Domestic tours, i.e travel within the borders of your own country, whilst an international tour is that outside your country. The tours and activities available in Lancashire can be amazing, but limited. Whereas, if you travel further afield, you get the benefit of a different landscape and environment, and everything that comes with it. Take Southeast Asia, for example, tropical climate, beaches, warm sea, jungle, you name it, worlds apart from Lancashire!

You can travel the breadth of England and see some of the most exquisite, quintessential British sites, such as castle ruins, Moores and luscious green countryside, thatched cottages, country pubs, old mills, you name it, if it’s British, it’s somewhere to be seen. Whilst in South East Asia, your days can be spent hopping from one island to another, and spend your night drinking on the beach. This is the only part of the world where pygmy elephants can be found, not to mention all the monkeys! If you remember the temple covered with plant life from Tomb Raider movie, you will know what I am talking about – Angkor Wat, in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

I am sure everyone loves to be with the family to enjoy the traditional fun by the seaside, when you discover the mythic coastline and sculptures associated with Italong, the seashores from Cleveleys to Fleetwood in a domestic tour in Lancashire while hiring a boat to explore breathtaking southeast Asia’s ocean, lakes, and rivers with a kayak and a paddle. You can go kayaking through caves in Halong Bay, Vietnam, the crystal lakes of Cambodia or down the river in Laos.

Who does not want to see the natural landscape and stunning sunset of Morecambe’s bay? The adventurous side of you will be unearthed with these range of exhilarating outdoor activities in this art deco chic and coastal fun located in Lancashire, while you can also place a bet on climbing the real mountain in Southeast Asia, nothing in the world beats it. Thailand’s Ton Sai and Railey Beach are the most popular rock climbing locations in Southeast Asia, the rock is waiting for you with plenty of places you can climb. Check out YonderTours for tips and advice on booking a rock climbing tour or anything else in Thailand.

Ton Sai Beach, Krabi, Thailand


Escape from hustling and bustling of the everyday city life and go for the stunning and peaceful scenery of Lancashire with a canal boat cruise in Burnley. You might have always snowboarded in your domestic tours, but have you heard of sandboarding? Strap a board on and get the sand dunes shredded because you will find the best sandboarding in Southeast Asia.

Have your taste buds tantalized at the Freemasons at Wiswell with a combination of a country pub, shooting lodge and a gentrified slice of refinement while you enjoy mouthwatering dishes in Clitheroe, Lancashire on your domestic tour. A visit to Brunei, Southeast Asia is never complete without a visit to roti culture. This trendy eatery will introduce you to Brunei cuisine and Nasi Katok, the country’s national dish which is fried chicken with chili paste and steamed rice.

So to conclude, stay at home and have a great time, or travel to SE Asia and widen your horizons, see something new and explore new cultures and environments, but in any case, have an amazing time.

Jimmie James