A Day Out in Preston

Located on the River Ribble, Preston got its city status in 2002. The city has experienced numerous changes in the past. In the 14th-century, Flemish weavers came to Preston and established a textile industry that would be the main driving force of the city’s economy until the mid-20th century. As a flourishing industrial center in the 18th and 19th centuries, Preston was filled with beautiful squares, refined parks, as well as interesting buildings. Today, this historic city has plenty to offer. From Roman heritage, the history of the industrial revolution, football league, to nature reserves, you can enjoy numerous things when you visit. If you want to explore the best things in Preston, keep reading!

Harris Museum and Art Gallery

Set inside an incredible Neoclassical hall, Harris Museum and Art Gallery has impressive collections of textiles, costumes, ceramics, other decorative arts, as well as natural history. When you

Museums of Lancashire

Are you planning to visit Lancashire? This beautiful ceremonial county in North West England provides a beautiful and unique travel experience for its visitors. Its rural charms, beautiful castles, Victorian centers, and tourist attractions have successfully made the county a famous tourist destination. If you are going to visit Lancashire, then you definitely need to check out some of its best museums! Let’s take a look at some of the best museums in the area.

Carnforth Station Heritage Centre

Carnforth Station Heritage Center gained its worldwide popularity when it was used for the setting for David Lean’s romantic classic film ‘Brief Encounter.’ Opened in 1846 by the Lancaster and Carlisle Railway Company, this railway station was reduced to a branch station and the buildings were left into disrepair. However, the derelict building was completely restored in late 2000. This station is now an award-winning Heritage Center with a

The Cotton Mill Towns of Lancashire

Lancashire encompasses some of the best-known towns in England, such as Blackpool and Burnley. Formally, the county also included Manchester, one of the major towns in England that profited significantly from engagement in the production of cotton textiles. There were about 2,650 cotton mills in Lancashire by 1860 which employed 440,000 people, producing half of the world’s cotton until the turn of the twentieth century when goods could no longer be exported to foreign markets due to the world war.

The cotton mills in Lancashire and the town where they were located are listed below:


The higher mill and Whittaker mill are located in Helmshore, the higher mill was built in 1726 and it stopped working in 1967. It is maintained as a museum today alongside the Whittaker mill which was built in 1820, is the most original and best-preserved example of cotton spinning and woolen filling

Domestic Tours Vs International Tours

Domestic tours, i.e travel within the borders of your own country, whilst an international tour is that outside your country. The tours and activities available in Lancashire can be amazing, but limited. Whereas, if you travel further afield, you get the benefit of a different landscape and environment, and everything that comes with it. Take Southeast Asia, for example, tropical climate, beaches, warm sea, jungle, you name it, worlds apart from Lancashire!

You can travel the breadth of England and see some of the most exquisite, quintessential British sites, such as castle ruins, Moores and luscious green countryside, thatched cottages, country pubs, old mills, you name it, if it’s British, it’s somewhere to be seen. Whilst in South East Asia, your days can be spent hopping from one island to another, and spend your night drinking on the beach. This is the only part of the world where

Top 5 Country Hikes in Lancashire

Lancashire houses some of the best walking trails in England, ranging from short gentle rambles to far distance treks which give you the opportunity to enjoy the best vistas and views Lancashire has to offer.

Some of the hiking trails in Lancashire are themed around some of her most famous food, while some are inspired by renowned authors, Pendle witches, heritage trails and industrial landmarks.

We have put a review of the top walking trails in Lancashire together to be of a great benefit to you.

The Tolkien Trail in the Footsteps of J.R.R Tolkien, Ribble Valley

This hiking trail is made in the footsteps of the author of The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R Tolkien, who stayed at the Stonyhurst College in the Ribble Valley. The walk which is five and a half miles far explores the beautiful surroundings that inspired the author and a good

Sunday Days Out: Lancashire Vs Yorkshire

So, it is your Sunday day out again and you think you should go see some places of attraction in the local area. You can have a great time in Lancashire and Yorkshire with acres of countryside, beautiful parks, historic houses and even bustling market towns which attracts your fancy, and you will never be short of places to go.


Bolton Abbey and Scott park – Burnley

The Bolton Abbey is situated in the heart of Yorkshire Dales, just on the banks of the river Wharfe. It has about 30,000 acres of beautiful countryside and over 80 miles of footpaths with ample space to enjoy the fresh air and to run, it has a thing for every age.

The Scott Park in Burnley in Lancashire is a very beautiful Victorian bandstand, it has the woodland walk bowling green which will never let you go and a fantastic

A complete travel guide to Lancashire

If you are a person interested to travel different countries for entertainment, having a joy on rides and relaxing with family or friends, then Lancashire is the best option for it. In Northwest part of England Lancashire is a place of beautiful countryside experience. The landscapes are green arable farms near the coast. You can also experience wild and romantic moors in the place. Lancashire is a country of unembellished warming food like Lancashire hotspot and savories and real ale. You can see variety of towns ranging from sea side resorts to former centres of industry. There are also abundance of villages and historic market towns.

Here are some best places to visit in Lancashire listed below.

  • Lancaster

Though Lancashire is said to be a town and easy to travel by walk, the history of Lancashire is based on the British Throne and so this has become an