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The Cotton Mill Towns of Lancashire

Lancashire encompasses some of the best-known towns in England, such as Blackpool and Burnley. Formally, the county also included Manchester, one of the major towns in England that profited significantly from engagement in the production of cotton textiles. There were about 2,650 cotton mills in Lancashire by 1860 which employed 440,000 people, producing half of the world’s cotton until the turn of the twentieth century when goods could no longer be exported to foreign markets due to the world war.

The cotton mills in Lancashire and the town where they were located are listed below:


The higher mill and Whittaker mill are located in Helmshore, the higher mill was built in 1726 and it stopped working in 1967. It is maintained as a museum today alongside the Whittaker mill which was built in 1820, is the most original and best-preserved example of cotton spinning and woolen filling

A complete travel guide to Lancashire

If you are a person interested to travel different countries for entertainment, having a joy on rides and relaxing with family or friends, then Lancashire is the best option for it. In Northwest part of England Lancashire is a place of beautiful countryside experience. The landscapes are green arable farms near the coast. You can also experience wild and romantic moors in the place. Lancashire is a country of unembellished warming food like Lancashire hotspot and savories and real ale. You can see variety of towns ranging from sea side resorts to former centres of industry. There are also abundance of villages and historic market towns.

Here are some best places to visit in Lancashire listed below.

  • Lancaster

Though Lancashire is said to be a town and easy to travel by walk, the history of Lancashire is based on the British Throne and so this has become an