A complete travel guide to Lancashire

A complete travel guide to Lancashire

If you are a person interested to travel different countries for entertainment, having a joy on rides and relaxing with family or friends, then Lancashire is the best option for it. In Northwest part of England Lancashire is a place of beautiful countryside experience. The landscapes are green arable farms near the coast. You can also experience wild and romantic moors in the place. Lancashire is a country of unembellished warming food like Lancashire hotspot and savories and real ale. You can see variety of towns ranging from sea side resorts to former centres of industry. There are also abundance of villages and historic market towns.

Here are some best places to visit in Lancashire listed below.

  • Lancaster

Though Lancashire is said to be a town and easy to travel by walk, the history of Lancashire is based on the British Throne and so this has become an exciting place to visit. It has lot of Georgian houses around the castle and banks of Lune River that makes it attractive. This castle is considered as the region’s most treasured historic monument with thousand years of stories. You must not fail to visit the Lancashire City museum, Lancaster canal and Ashton memorial on a hilltop in Williamson Park.

  • Blackpool

The coast side of Blackpool looks like an English sea side resort and it is the most preferred holiday destination. There is a Blackpool tower 158 metre high that stands proud making the place attractive. It looks beautiful like Eiffel tower and has a place for observation 140 meters and Victorian ballroom. The beaches here are very clean and so it meets all the Blue flag for hygiene. There is a Pleasure beach amusement park and illuminations light festival that takes place in autumn months that would earn extra income for the country.

  • Garstang

Garstang is a market that has been running so long. There are ruins of Greenhaigh castle on the ground of Garstang. The decayed remains have their own beauty. The Lancaster canal crosses the town and runs to Kendal. When you are planning to visit Lancashire’s wild moorland there are boats that you can hire.

  • Lytham St Annes

There are two coastal towns a few miles down from the coast of Blackpool. The amusements and theatre shows are replaced by tranquil forms of enjoyment. The marshes and sand dunes serves as a habitat for birds. Golf is the sport of choice here. St Annes is a sea side place with a gigantic beach.

  • Burnley

Burnley is a textile town and good place for industrial purposes in Lancashire. There is weaver’s triangle with its workers houses and cotton mills on the Liverpool canal. There is a museum that contains everything from traditional local things to all kind of paintings.

  • Peter Scott gallery

This presents a various programme with momentary exhibitions and related talks. The entry fee is free and so everyone is welcome. The gallery has international art collection of Japanese and Chinese arts.

Lancashire is the best place to spend your holidays in a great way. You can browse the official website for exploring the places and place for accommodation there.

Jimmie James